Your Trusted Advisor for Cyber Security

Did you know Link High has a dedicated and separate practice focused on Cyber Security? One of the key differentiators between Link High and other IT service providers is that we have dedicated security professionals separate from our Managed IT practice. Where many IT security providers deal only in firewalls, anti-virus solutions, and security products, Link High provides comprehensive IT security.

We understand that business owners are concerned about their IT security but often too overwhelmed to know where to begin. A tiered approach to security ensures that prevention, mitigation, and compliance are all addressed together. The threat of cyber-attacks means that security can no longer be separate from your IT strategy. Link High’s plans are designed to provide a continual layer of security and compliance oversight.

Our Director of Information Security, Michael Brands is available to our managed services clients to discuss implementing additional security and how to achieve compliance if your organization is subject to compliance requirements (HIPPA, DEFARS, NIST, NY DFS, etc.) Schedule a call with Michael today- https://calendly.com/mbrands-infosec or email him if you have specific questions: MBrands@linkhigh.com.