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When your financial business aligns with an IT professional, you gain a strategic ally dedicated to optimizing your technology infrastructure. This partnership ensures streamlined operations, regulatory compliance, and efficient IT support, allowing your business to thrive in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Link High translates years of seamless service for banks, credit card companies, insurance brokers, accountants, consumer finance companies, and investment funds. For those who partner with Link High, you are guaranteed expertise and compliance with all IT government and regulatory standards.

Ready to discover how collaborating with a managed IT provider like Link High can streamline your IT costs, enhance performance, and provide hassle-free IT support for your financial institution?

Link High is Pleased to Provide

Anti Spyware

Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Home Network Security 1

Security Monitoring/SOCs


Vulnerability Management

Opt in Consent

Intrusion Detection

Secure Transaction

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

2 Factor Authentication

Threat Intelligence Collaboration

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Information Security Policies

Instant Message Encryption

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Virtual CISO

Risk Assessment

Beyond meeting industry regulatory standards, conducting risk assessments is a crucial measure in comprehending your organization’s exposure to risks. This process is essential for developing a robust information security program.

Our certified information systems security professionals employ top-tier tools to scrutinize every aspect of your organization’s technology environment. Subsequently, we furnish you with a diverse array of reports to assist you in identifying the most strategic steps for mitigating and eliminating risks within your organization.

Link High Technologies' methodology for Information Systems Risk Assessment consists of three key components

Anti Spyware

Recognizing potential threats to your organization

2 Factor Authentication

Assessing the probability of a threat occurrence


Defining the impact of a threat on your organization

Link High Financial IT Support Benefits

Application Layer Attacks

Simplified Auditing & Reporting

Streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency, centralized management is a cornerstone. Link High provides regulatory-approved IT infrastructure, policies, procedures, controls, and reports to optimize the utilization of your internal IT resources most effectively.

System Folder

Boosted Productivity

Ensuring your technology consistently operates at its best, we empower your employees to accomplish more and respond promptly to clients.

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Opt in Consent

Maximized Uptime

Minimizing downtime and disruptions is crucial, as they can have catastrophic effects on the loyalty and trust of your most valued clients. Link High securely hosts your infrastructure in our fully redundant cloud computing environment, ensuring compliance with financial security and regulatory requirements while keeping your operations online.

Secure Transaction

Improved Security and Maintained Compliance

Link High's rigorous managed security protection guarantees the safety and integrity of your critical information and assets. Our comprehensive services and solutions actively monitor, analyze, and manage the security of your internal network and systems, ensuring your organization remains secure and compliant.


Elevate the performance and security of your financial business with Link High’s dedicated IT services. Our proven expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of financial technology ensures regulatory compliance, robust security, and optimized operations.

Trust Link High to be your strategic IT partner, enabling your business to thrive in the dynamic financial industry.

Contact us today to explore solutions to empower your organization to achieve its goals efficiently and securely.