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SecureLink – All-Inclusive Security Platform Designed to Manage Risk, Mitigate Threats, & Maintain Compliance Morris Plains, NJ, December 17, 2018–After announcing its Information Security practice in Spring 2018, Link High Technologies, a Managed IT Service and Security Provider, has expanded…

SecureLink – All-Inclusive Security Platform Designed to Manage Risk, Mitigate Threats, & Maintain Compliance

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Morris Plains, NJ, December 17, 2018–After announcing its Information Security practice in Spring 2018, Link High Technologies, a Managed IT Service and Security Provider, has expanded its security offerings to include a new and highly protective security service called SecureLink. This program is designed to target, prevent, remediate, and provide a continual layer of compliance oversight for businesses at different stages within their security efforts. SecureLink offers a tiered approach to security maturity with its Core, Plus, and Premium programs, making sure that prevention, mitigation, and compliance are all addressed adequately and comprehensively for certain business sizes and budgets.

Michael Brands, Director of Information Security said, “In my mind, SecureLink is the natural evolution of proactive IT management services.  Our role as an IT services provider has shifted from making things work to protecting our clients from the constant onslaught of threats.  To do this, we implement a combination of technical and administrative security controls based on the standards developed by NIST and ISO.”

SecureLink focuses on the different levels of prevention, cyber-threat mitigation, and compliance regulations efforts that various businesses face. Companies can take advantage of Link High’s IT security staffing and additionally have access to the appropriate security audits and assessments instead of venturing down the security road alone.  “The SecureLink program,” Brands adds, “takes a holistic approach to information security that also includes ongoing training and strategic guidance to create a culture of security to keep it top of mind at all levels of your organization.”

SecureLink offers 3 packages that help businesses in their quest to become more secure. Recognizing that businesses have different security needs, Link High acknowledges the need for custom services and has developed:

  • The Core program as a strong starting point for businesses that need to protect sensitive customer data or satisfy outside regulations with basic policy guidelines.
  • The Plus program takes Basic one step further to cover the important aspects of Security Awareness Training, annual Risk Assessments, and Vulnerability Assessments.
  • For those businesses that want to sleep soundly at night, in the Premium package our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer will develop a custom cybersecurity program that adds additional layers of security, incorporate strong policies/procedures, and include proactive security monitoring.

These packages are designed to help different sized organizations but are also applicable across various industries.  With compliance regulations affecting all businesses, the need for security programs that are flexible yet comprehensive enough to protect data and systems are addressed in the three different packages of the SecureLink program.

“Link High recognizes that cybersecurity controls are a growing need for anyone doing business today, regardless of size,” says Victor Liu, President.  “For small to medium sized enterprises, managing cyber safeguards can pose steep challenges if you don’t have the correct systems in place or if you need a higher level of security expertise to implement these policies.”

Liu adds, “It’s more important than ever for companies of all sizes to focus on having ongoing strategic guidance and training. Having the traditional firewalls and anti-malware programs running are still important, but helping our customers look beyond these traditional components of protection into a more robust and responsive program is the only way to stay ahead in cybersecurity.”

With cybersecurity needs at the forefront of every business’ concerns, Link High delivers IT cybersecurity solutions that integrate all aspects of IT.  A fully integrated security focus is the best IT strategy. Learn more about managed security services here.


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Link High Technologies is a cyber security focused IT management company specializing in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, government, legal, and banking. Link High provides comprehensive network, security, and compliance solutions based on NIST and ISO standards along with applicable GLBA, HIPAA, and DFARS regulatory requirements. For more information contact us.