Is Your Company Secure?

How Can You Tell If You Are Receiving Poor Or Substandard Service?

How do your know if your IT or computer guy is doing everything possible to secure your network and prevent disasters?

If your technician cannot properly answer the questions below, you could be paying for substandard support and jeopardizing your data and network’s security.

Security incidents can happen at any time, without continuous management you could be at risk.

Your systems contain confidential data that could be compromised by others who do not have the proper security awareness training. Allow authorized users with need-to-know access to the computing resources at your company.

This inventory should be used to identify those systems, system components or software applications impacted by the vulnerability. Organizations can then take action to mitigate the vulnerability risk to those systems faster than if no inventory existed in the environment.

Admin access allows users to install, delete or modify applications and programs that may not be consistent with your business model. Remove admin access or limit the use of admin access for only those occasions where it is needed.

This reduces the likelihood of another individual having the ability to access the device using other users’ credentials.

They are an easy way for employees to copy and share confidential data that you would not want to be shared. They also pose a risk of introducing
malware into your environment.

Businesses change over time and so do their capabilities to respond and recover from a security incident. These processes should be reviewed at least annually and as needed when changes are made.

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