Hosted Desktop: Modernize Your Business

How the Hosted Desktop Will Modernize Your Business

We all know the way to a modern worker’s heart is through their screen. From tablets to mobile phones, access to all things work-related must literally be at their fingertips. As we continue on the path of remote work, companies are recognizing their need to modernize their workspace. This happens through creating accessibility and connection for their teams to continue to thrive. The best way to do this is with a hosted desktop. However, we often find ourselves answering the question “how will the hosted desktop modernize my business?”

The Hardship of Hardware

Traditionally, accessing company tools, systems, applications, etc, required company hardware. This included stationed office computers & laptops. This was both to ensure the efficiency of teams and the security of company information. These traditions, however, can be a detriment to the modern worker, seeking flexibility to work from anywhere on any device available to them. It’s absolutely critical to address the needs of workers while working to keep your organization secure.

The Solution: VDI or Hosted Desktops

What’s the solution? A VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) offered by Link High Technologies Inc. This is a hosted desktop system that virtualizes the essential hardware and applications your staff needs to be productive. VDI also gives you control over who can access and make changes to your system, increasing your security. Link High’s technicians perform a full assessment of your organization’s computing infrastructure. They will digitalize your applications and hardware, hosting them in Link High’s datacenter. After virtualization, your system is accessible through a web browser/platform, giving access to each user from any device.

How the Hosted Desktop will Modernize Your Business: Let Freedom Ring

Your workers will be freed from the confines of traditional workstations. The team will have access to the tools they need to build your business and increase profitability and production. Using a hosted desktop saves you money through the reduction of hardware purchases and maintenance. With your system on a cloud, you can easily give employees access without repurchasing new hardware for each individual.

And that’s how the hosted desktop will modernize your business! With the flexibility, savings, and control of a VDI, there is no better time to modernize your systems. Get more information on how to leverage VDI to help build a better business by calling us today at (973) 659-1350.