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Complete SOC Solution

Network and data center breaches shake customer confidence, and it’s essential that organizations protect intellectual property, customer records, and other critical digital assets. With new and sophisticated threats already pervading the cyberspace, it’s essential that businesses develop and implement a strong strategy for cybersecurity risk management.

Overview of SOCs

One of the most effective ways to do this is by setting up a Security Operations Center (SOC). SOCs refer to a combination of technologies, processes and people that provide organizations with round the clock cybersecurity awareness and protection by detecting, containing and defending against network-based threats.

SOCs ensure that IT incidents and cybersecurity threats are properly identified, analyzed, investigated and reported. They constantly monitor enterprise information systems and IT infrastructure (such as networks, servers, data centers, databases, applications, websites, computers, and other endpoints) to identify possible intrusion activities and cyber attacks, analyze threats and take appropriate measures to defuse the situation.

In essence, SOCs ensure the detection, prevention, and mitigation of cybersecurity threats on your network.

Building a SOC in-house is a time-consuming affair with serious staffing and cost implications. Organizations face challenges identifying and hiring suitable skilled resources to provide 24×7 coverage and leveraging the most effective technologies for advanced threat detection and reporting.

Our Managed Security Operations Center Solution powered by Perch Security includes everything you need for your organization:

  1. Comprehensive threat detection and analysis: intrusion detection (IDS), (TIP), log storage with configurable retention (SIEM)
  2. Managed Security Operations Center with 24×7 team of analysts to triage threats
  3. Certified Security and IT Engineers to conduct remediation steps if necessary
  4. 24×7 Real time Dashboard to see threat activity as its detected on your network.
  5. Access to Threat Intelligence from Perch and other communities

Link High’s Security Operations Center (SOC) services help your organization to effectively monitor network traffic and system logs to ensure that access to protected information such as e-PHI (Electronic Protected Health Information), CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information), or NPI (Nonpublic Personal Information) is audited and that alerts are generated when suspicious activity is detected. If you’re organization is mandated to comply with HIPAA, GLBA, DFARS, or other regulatory requirements, contact us to learn more about how Link High’s SOC services can help you achieve compliance.

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