Adobe Flash Player Support Will End

Adobe Flash Player Support Will End

Once the cornerstone of many websites on the Internet, Adobe Flash Player, is finally going into retirement. As soon as December 31, 2020 rolls around, Adobe Flash Player support will end. This means the software needs to be removed from your business’ technology before then.

Adobe Flash Player was deprecated back in 2017, but its official end date lands at the end of this year. The software will gradually show more and more vulnerabilities that will not be mitigated. Check places like your Internet browsers on your phone or computers to make sure that Flash isn’t still installed there.

Chances are pretty good that you haven’t used Flash Player for some time, simply because other options are more useful. Despite the platform once dominating the space, it will soon be no more than a liability. Unfortunately, this means any legacy software that relies on Flash will not function after the year ends. That will need to be removed as well.

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