VoIP Phone Services

Great VoIP Phone Systems Makes All the Difference

Strong communication is critical to your success. You need a reliable connection with your clients and employees. But, legacy phone systems can be expensive to maintain and lack many features that can boost efficiency and productivity.

Link High’s VoIP phone systems make it easier for you to sell, service and collaborate. Transfer images, videos, and text while speaking and sharing during multimedia sessions, as well as set up full conference calls with multiple people. VoIP telephony service opens up new possibilities and connections.

Find out how Managed Services Providers keep you productive, connected and growing strong.

Benefits of Link High’s VoIP Phone Support

Mobilize Your Team


VoIP phone service is ideal for your on-the-go and remote workforce. With advanced call forwarding to simultaneously route your calls to several numbers, you and your employees will never miss a call again.

Scale with Ease


A VoIP phone system dynamically adjusts to your communication needs so you always have the right number of lines. Adding virtual extensions and connecting multiple offices under one phone system is a breeze.

Gain Advanced Features


Access voicemail through your email and send faxes using your existing email accounts. VoIP telephony service also integrates with other apps, for example, your call center can improve customer relationship management through live chat and real-time coaching tools.

Save Money


By implementing Link High Technologies’ VoIP phone systems, you’ll skip the hefty hardware investment and long-distance charges, plus you’ll save when you make changes and moves.

Choose a phone system that’s more than just talk.

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