The Major Value of Backup and Disaster Recovery

We are constantly advocating the usefulness of having a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery system in place. This is because you never know when some detrimental situation is going to negatively affect your information systems, and being prepared for that eventuality is a prudent business decision. In the modern office, the need for BDR grows rapidly. Today, we’ll take a look at our BDR solution and how every office absolutely needs one. 

You may be one of those small or medium-sized business owners that believe that anything labeled “enterprise” is overkill for your business. This may be true in some other cases, but when you start talking about data backup solutions, enterprise is a good thing. To protect your data–and effectively your business–you need a solution that will handle all the data you need to backup while keeping that data available for restore at the drop of a hat. If you don’t have this, any situation that could separate you from your data could seriously negatively affect your business’ ability to deal with adverse situations.  

The Problems That Are Solved With BDR

The main problem the BDR immediately solves is the one that is caused when your business depends on its data. If that data somehow gets altered, corrupted, or destroyed, having copies of it will keep your business in the game. A BDR can also keep lengthy periods of downtime to a minimum. Some of the options the modern BDR presents include:

  • Frequent data backup (as low as every 15 minutes) 
  • Onsite and offsite copies of data 
  • Fast restoration to reduce downtime
  • Archiving and other server-level functions
  • Bare-metal restores for drive-to-drive data migration

With our experienced staff behind your BDR, you get the strong continuity, efficient restore speed, offsite cloud storage, and the ease of implementation that allows for backups to start almost immediately. To learn how our BDR can help you protect your business reach out today at (973) 659-1350.