Office 365 Support & Consulting

Microsoft Office365 Support & Consulting Services

We offer professional Office365 support and consulting services to businesses throughout New Jersey and New York. As a Microsoft Office365 reseller, Link High can take on the management of your account.  Our expert Office365 consultants initiate and implement this process and the upside for you is two-fold: your monthly rates remain unchanged and we become a primary on your account.  This allows our techs to seamlessly address any service issues without you getting involved in the customer service loop.   
If you are not currently running Office365 and would like to switch over, again there is no additional plan cost to you, just a simple one-time migration fee.  We reap the benefits in streamlining the customer service workflow.  The benefits of Office365 include giving your team the ability to create and share documents, connect with customers, coworkers, and suppliers by bringing resources together in one cloud based location.

See how Managed Service Providers simplify everything IT.

Benefits of Link High’s Cloud Services

Save Money and Time


When you partner with Link High, you don’t have to worry about managing uptime, maintaining hardware and networking equipment, or replacing overused gear. As manager of your account, we handle the tech issues directly for you.

Gain Flexibility


With Link High’s IaaS, you can easily and quickly scale up and down in response to changing requirements and opportunities. We deliver the latest, most powerful storage, server and networking technology to accelerate your time-to-market strategy.

Improve Security


Link High maintains the entire infrastructure, making sure all backups, antivirus and patch updates are current. Plus, because IaaS is cloud-based, you’re protected in the event of a disaster.

Focus on Growth


By moving your infrastructure to a service-based model, Link High helps you focus time and resources where they belong—on developing innovations for your customers and growth.

Get on-demand scalability and the ultimate flexibility.

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