How to Protect Your Company; Monitoring and Updating

Partnerships in business are important. Any organization wants to make sure that someone is looking out for them, even if the relationship is transactional. Enter Managed IT Services.

“Managed services” is a term that makes absolutely no sense outside of the IT industry. A good explanation is that fully outsourced IT takes care of all the headaches you normally associate with technology. Basically, if it’s IT-related, managed services makes it better.

And in today’s climate of increased attention about cybersecurity, if your IT provider isn’t proactively implementing solutions to improve your organization’s overall security, it’s time to start that conversation.

But what exactly can managed services save your business from? The benefits include network security and properly functioning hardware and software. Let’s examine below.

Proactive Monitoring-the What

Managed services hangs its hat on being well-known for these two features above all: proactive monitoring and critical security updates. With these features, a team of engineers constantly monitors your technology to ensure operations are running smoothly. If a potential problem surfaces, these technicians will be all over it before it turns into an issue. And sometimes, these advanced engineers might even fix the problem before you ever knew one existed.

This constant remote monitoring ensures that you and your staff will experience very little downtime. Your IT flows smoothly because any roadblocks are handled before they become a problem. It does what it should, when it should, no matter what. Why?  Because a team of techs make sure that it does.

In other words, hurdles are all but eliminated. From a service standpoint, a managed IT provider identifies and corrects problems immediately, usually before the end-user notices a problem.

With the lovely combination of routine maintenanceproactive monitoring, and a flat, monthly rate, a fully managed technology solution removes most of the element of surprise from your IT.  And there will be no dreading a potential collapse of your network or data loss. Managed services isn’t a fan of surprises. This setup of a remote support team of outsource IT professionals is also less expensive than building an in-house department.

Now that we’ve covered what a Managed Service Provider is, let’s take a deeper look into how an MSP protects your company. Let’s start with some of the simple things first, like how your hardware and software is protected.

Proactive Monitoring-The How

Updates and Patches-Why They are Important

By partnering with an MSP, you’ll always stay up-to-date. Because of the proactive monitoring, your technology will be updated when needed for critical Microsoft patches, 3rd-party patches, and Line of Business application updates. If there are any issues, you have a full support team to help. You won’t ever have to stress about that update again. Scheduled, routine patching are the norm. You receive reports on how healthy systems are.

New Equipment Updates

Even with a team monitoring your systems, you may think that 8-year-old computer is perfectly fine to use, but old equipment can clog networks like hair clogs a drain. We all know that technology advances like the speed of light (hello new smart phone every year) so think about that the next time you look at the pc that you’re trying to get one more year of use out of.

And as much as we may love our workstation that we’ve become comfortable with over the years, it’s probably struggling under the weight of running newer and newer. Identifying and upgrading devices that don’t make sense anymore helps streamline efficiency. After upgrading to a newer pc or laptop, you see the difference immediately.  And an MSP can recommend the best device for your needs in terms of specifications and budget.

Don’t forget to Upgrade your Operating System

Running an older version of an operating system because of an older computer will also hamper productivity. You are behind the technology curve if a device is so outdated that it won’t support new versions.

But What About…?

We have customers that use custom software developed for a very specific function of their business. As this software ages, it can become incompatible with newer operating systems. Older software relegated to an older machine tends not to get updated. The challenge for an IT provider is to keep legacy program and machines running. But they also make sure that there are no security threats involved in keeping an older machine on a network. An experience security-centric MSP can provide this expert service.

How an MSP Protects you

Updating your software and hardware is not only a productivity issue, it’s a safety issue. By not upgrading, you potentially leave your networks vulnerable to security gaps. A business really just wants their computers to turn on and work, but nowadays there are so many more steps behind the scene that outsourcing IT and security management of networks, devices, and software makes good business sense.

When you partner with an MSP, you identify challenges, but also solutions to make sure all systems work together better. And, by partnering with an MSP like Link High Technologies, you get recommendations for equipment refreshes before they reach end of life. We work with you to make sure hardware and software perform properly. With up-to-date equipment supporting your network and experts constantly monitoring your infrastructure, you reduce your chances of falling victim to a cybercriminal.

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