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No company wants to experience a data breach but it happens all the time. Some companies can weather a breach, but most can’t, in fact, many businesses close their doors within 6 months following a cyber-security incident. What’s worse is that a vast majority of breaches are active within the network for months or years before detection- the only thing missing in these cases was a security expert looking for the evidence of a compromise. Building your own Security Operation Center (SOC) is a daunting and expensive proposition.

Link High Security-as-a-Service is a combination of security engineers, detection and response, and real-time alerting. The cost-effectiveness of Link High’s SOC is geared specifically to small-to-medium sized businesses that need compliance or an improved security position.

Make sure your security is evolving to fend off cyber attacks. Link High Technologies has experts that keep watch over the activity on your network with secure IT services.

Benefits of the Link High Security Operations Center

Affordable Resource


We provide the extra security as part of your monthly managed services or work with your internal IT department to provide 3rd party monitoring.

Flexible & Scalable


Soc-as-a-Service is based on number of users, servers, and sensors needed. No upcharges for log volume or events per second.

Meet Compliance Standards


Meet HIPAA or financial compliance requirements (such as NYCRR 500) with the ability to detect and respond to cyber security events.

Turnkey Security


After installation, our process can identify threats and malware on your system within the hour.

Human Side of Security


Events are identifies 24/7 by trained experts. As an outside Security provider, we can alert you to threats, or as your IT provider, we can walk you through the Remediation process.

Go Beyond SIEM


A SOC combines SIEM technology with threat detection and incident response to close any security gaps.

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