IT support while working remotely due to the coronavirus

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Many businesses are choosing to allow their employees to work remotely due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Be assured that Link High Technologies remains committed to supporting your IT systems throughout the crisis. Fortunately, our systems for monitoring and managing your IT systems are designed so that our entire staff can operate virtually. Set your employees up for success during this time. Link High Technologies can provide IT solutions  for your business even while employees are not in the office.

Cloud-based mobility apps

Using cloud-based applications allows employees to communicate and remain productive. We can help set your staff up with tools that can be accessed remotely and only need an internet connection to work. If you are already using a cloud-based application such as Microsoft 365 and need to add additional users, we can increase the number of users to accommodate employees working remotely and need access.

Call forwarding

Ensuring that businesses and consumers remain connected during a pandemic is important. With VoIP phone systems, making and receiving calls while not in the office can be easily achieved. We can set your team up with call forwarding solutions to ring their personal device and connect with customers as they normally would.

Remote server access

Just because employees aren’t in the office doesn’t mean they can’t access files on the server. We can show employees a way to still access files through a remote desktop connection. Remote desktop access is a highly secure option that ensures all data and applications remain inside the business system. Implementing this will allow your staff to log in from their own device without compromising the integrity of your private data. Once set up, employees can use their personal computers to connect to their office computer and have access to all of their programs, files and network resources as though they were accessing their office computer in person. We have streamlined the setup process so that employees can easily walk through this process with a member of our IT support team via phone or email.

Maintaining cybersecurity

When you move your team out of the office due to health concerns or for any other reasons, you face a new set of security changes. Quality cloud-based tools allow you to collaborate remotely without sacrificing any cybersecurity. These tools encrypt files both in transit and at rest, protecting them from hackers, viruses, and other cyber threats. There are also mobile device management tools that help to maintain your security, even if workers are using their phones or laptops.

Consult an IT expert for help in making this transition

If you haven’t already consulted with an IT expert on how to best prepare your team for remote work, Link High Technologies can help. We offer a wide range of managed IT services to suit your needs and would be happy to assist as your company makes this sudden transition. Contact us today for details.