Insights into Our Approach

There is a built-in culture at Link High to hire the best, offer the best, and be the best.

Our elite team of 17 staff employees have been with us an average of ten years or more, many with specialized experience and marquee credentials, such as Microsoft and CISSP security certifications.

We are committed to proactively protecting our clients through:
• Constant monitoring
• Patching
• Bringing them into compliance with industry standards

We use best practices in everything we do. All client information is transparent and well-documented. Every client has access to their own customer documentation portal.

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When We First Meet

The first consultation is to get acquainted – see if we are a good fit – and to offer ball park pricing. Once we determine we are a good fit and you sign a contract, the on-site onboarding process begins.

The next things we do are:
• Harden your network and email
• Implement password policy program
• Perform Risk and Vulnerability Assessments by a Certified Security Engineer

One of the most distinctive benefits in working with us is the way we do risk assessments.

Unlike many others in our field who allow the customer to self-assess, we send in one of our senior engineers to do a network assessment.

We test to see if you are meeting industry standards, if you need to be brought up to code and, if so, recommend the steps needed to achieve that standard.

Once that is done, we immediately deliver to you a network diagram and inventory of all computers … their warranty expirations … operating systems … amount of memory … and patch status of all work stations.

Many clients tell us they never received anything like this from previous IT providers.

Thereafter, we provide monthly reports, as well as a quarterly meeting with your account manager.

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