About Link High Technologies Inc.
As a local, privately-owned small business ourselves, we understand how important effective, on-time IT solutions are in keeping your business vigorous and growing. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses by delivering customized IT solutions that increase productivity, decrease risk, and provide measurable value.

Is This You?

An owner, CEO, or CFO who constantly strategizes how to be more successful. Is heavily IT dependent? One of your biggest impediments to growth and productivity is constant IT crashes. Your IT provider’s response time has gone from speedy to sluggish, impacting productivity, employee morale, and bottom line – the diametric opposite of successful. You know something has to be done. But what?

Find out what can be done!

5 Big Benefits

We believe security and IT are one in the same. All our solutions incorporate enhanced security-focused features you won’t find at other MSPs.

When you are experiencing IT problems and your current service provider is unresponsive, consider partnering with Link High and enjoy the 5 Big Benefits of well-managed IT service.

Big Benefit #1: An immediate reduction in system crashes

  • By monitoring your system 24/7, we detect hardware or server failure, and immediately repair it before it goes down
  • We prevent problems before they happen – system glitches and crashes are noticeably almost immediately upon partnering with Link High.

Big Benefit #2: We respond – FAST

  • We anticipate issues, proactively manage your IT services, and respond to problems in a flash so that you avoid downtime.
  • Most problems are resolved remotely. Emergencies are handled on site and resolved within 24 hours
  • And we put it in our service contracts!

Big Benefit #3:  You reap the benefits of our investments

  • By leveraging Link High’s substantial investment into our data center and security monitoring software, you:
    • Save money
    • Maintain a world-class IT system and data and hardware protection
    • Focus on what you do best, which means growing your company and re-defining success – without giving a thought to whether or not your data is secure or your hardware at risk
  • Our flat-fee model makes it easy to forecast your IT costs with no surprises along the way

Big Benefit #4: You become Link High Secure

Security is the bedrock of our culture. We endlessly challenge our employees to look for innovative ways to make the Link High network the model of cybersecurity, and then pass that expertise on to our clients.

  • Our systematic process of continuous patching (upgrades) and oversight guards you from ransomware and other attacks
  • Our elite team of Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) and other certified security engineers maintains a comprehensive cybersecurity program that anticipates problems before they happen
  • One of our specialties is helping clients with compliance and government regulations to set proper internal standards to meet regulatory standards

For more information about our managed security services, go to LinkHighSecure »

Big Benefit #5: Our 24/7 Help Desk is best practices personified.

  • We usually average 60-80 calls / day – handling questions like password resets, problems connecting to a VPN, printers that won’t print, files that can’t be accessed. We answer them all.
  • If there is a problem, we respond and fix it – fast.
    • About 85% is resolved remotely. For the other 15%, we visit the site and offer same-day service for emergencies – including weekends.
    • For 95% of the calls we receive, a live person answers the phone 24/7.
    • For all others, we guarantee right in our service contracts:
      • 30-minute response time
      • 1 hour after business hours
      And we guarantee our response times in our service contracts!

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