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Link High Technologies’ IT migration and deployment services remove the burden and frustration of manually transferring all your information from your old to new servers. Our experts install all the new hardware and software, complete configurations and perform testing to ensure your new systems are running perfectly—all without you facing any lengthy downtime. Whether you’re moving to a new office and just need to give your IT resources some extra help, or you need us to take care of it all, you’ll gain access to the latest technology while saving money.

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ease transitions and everyday IT tasks.

Benefits of Link High’s IT Migration & Deployment Services

Minimize Downtime


Migrations and deployments can cause a lot of disruption—something you can’t afford. Let Link High take care of all the details to reduce downtime, freeing you to focus on closing sales and  keeping clients satisfied.

Simplify Everything


When you decide to migrate servers, the process should be quick and flawless. Count on our experts to install the hardware and software, configure the system, and run tests to ensure your new systems run efficiently from day one.

Maximize Performance


After we completely migrate and deploy your servers, we run tests to ensure everything is working properly and running at peak performance.

Make Moving Seamless


When you’re ready to open an additional office, let Link High make the move easier with our migration and deployment services. Your servers will be up and running when you’re ready to open your doors for business.

Make the move to simpler, more efficient IT services.

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