Virtual Server Hosting

Serving Up Smarter IT Solutions

Gain the ability to run smarter, faster and more efficiently by making the move to virtual servers. By combining multiple virtual machines onto fewer physical servers you’ll reduce your company’s carbon footprint, use less power and cut down on waste.

Make Link High your trusted partner and make the switch. We’ll help you with virtual desktop provisions, backup and disaster recovery, virtual application hosting, hardware and software updates and management, and more.

Discover how Managed Service Providers make IT virtually hassle-free.

Benefits of Link High’s Virtual Server Hosting

Leverage Our Expertise


You have enough on your plate. Leave it to Link High to make your technology more efficient. With our well-trained experts handling your virtual server hosting, there’s no need to hire extra employees to manage it.

Improve Efficiency


Cloud servers provide you with more compute resources, plus your server runs faster. They’re also super scalable so CPU, memory and disk space upgrades can be done quickly and easily.

Get Best-in-Class Support


We ensure you have the strongest, most secure virtual infrastructure by only bringing in the best technology partners and providers. Link High serves as your single point of contact for questions and support. We also open and track all issues.

Always Have the Right Resources


With Virtual Server Hosting, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. When your needs change, we can quickly and easily provision more virtual desktops.

Get cost-effective computing solutions that save you time and money.

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