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Medical / Healthcare IT Support Services


We’re dedicated to helping medical and healthcare providers create a perfect mix of technology and services while maintaining regulatory compliances–helping you stay secure and prepare in case of an audit. Our HIPAA security-certified staff understand and supports the requirements for the medical profession. This allows you to spend more time with patients instead of technical issues.


Additionally, healthcare providers are able to cut costs on IT staffing because all migrations, system integrations, audit services, and program management are done by your IT provider, Link High.

See how Managed Service Providers take the cost and complexity
out of managing your IT.

Why Outsource to an MSP (Managed Service Provider)

Because Managed Service Providers take a proactive approach to IT.  Link High delivers ongoing monitoring and management of client applications and IT infrastructure. This is typically accomplished through remote monitoring services, which allow us to keep tabs on the health of our clients’ IT environments, change and update your systems, and troubleshoot problems on an hourly basis.

As an MSP, we closely monitor a variety of IT solutions you business has implemented, including web applications, desktop and server managment software, backup and disaster recovery, storage managment tools, and security software. This helps with the business model of any sized practice in maintaining a secure environment and allowing you to concentrate on the business at hand–helping patients.

Small and large businesses outsource IT to ensure all their systems, operations, and networks remain up and running at all times. Link High ensures a customer’s IT can avoid most tech issues in the first place with a close network of security and systems analysis. This is important because IT-related downtime can have a devastating impact on revenue and reputation–especially for smaller enterprises trying to grow or for a large organization that cannot afford any downtime, especially the healthcare industry.

Link High Technologies is a leader in providing IT services to NJ healthcare organizations. We offer affordable, HIPAA  compliant MSP services.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Annual Risk Analysis Included
  • HIPAA Document Policy and Procedures Creation and Implementation
  • Disaster and Recovery Plan Creation
  • Proactive System Monitoring
  • Computer Based HIPAA Training
  • No Contract Termination Fee
  • Weekend Hours
  • 24/7 Automated Password Reset

From local medical practices to major healthcare providers, IT service requirements are everchanging. Now there  is one IT company, Link High, that is the last MSP you’ll ever need!

Call our Managed Services Provider operational specialist at (973) 298-1146 or email to learn more about how Link High can support your healthcare practice.

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