Legal Practice and Law Firm IT Support

Benefits of IT Legal Support

Technology has helped streamline the legal profession. Briefs, correspondence, and documents are now available at a push of a button. But what happens if your attorneys and staff can’t access any of it?

Security and data protection are important to prevent downtime, but also to protect sensitive client information. Reputations can be lost along with critical information in the event of a ransomware attack. Best practices include being proactive in regards to network security. And with the use of  virtual desktops on the rise in the legal profession, we stay on top of the latest cloud trends and offerings, which let’s you focus on billable hours.

Daily Support & Network Services


Whether remotely or on-site, our help desk provides quality support to law firms of all sizes. We scan and patch your network so you have the uptime you need.

Practice & Case Management Application Support


As vendor managers of your applications, we make sure you are up and running.

Data Security and Protection


Law firms collaborate and share information with clients and colleagues, but need to protect sensitive and confidential material. Look to Link High to develop a proactive security plan.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Every second a system is down, you’re losing money. Link High proactively monitors and improves your network to keep it operational at all times. Our backup solutions help you stay operational.

Stay Compliant


Your focus is on helping your client, but meeting all the necessary regulatory and compliance requirements is critical. Link High keeps track of all requirements and makes sure you remain in compliance at all times.

Cloud & Network Support


We stay on top of the latest cloud trends and offerings so you can access information easily.  Link High keeps tabs on updates and maintenance and you focus on billable hours.

Link High is proud to be an IT partner to law firms in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. We can help you, too.

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