Data Backup & Recovery

When disaster strikes, will you be prepared?

We hear about disaster in the news every week, but most of us believe it won’t happen to us, leaving too many businesses at risk. While hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and storms seem unlikely, your biggest threat is actually your own employees. Human error is the number one cause of downtime and data loss for businesses.

Link High’s data backup and data recovery service solutions give you peace of mind knowing you’re safe no matter what happens. We’ll maximize your uptime, as well as mitigate the risk of lost revenue and decreased productivity.

Managed Service Providers provide disaster recovery plans and much more. Find out all the ways we protect you.

Benefits of Link High’s Data Backup and Recovery Services

Maintain Continuous Operations


According to FEMA, nearly half of all businesses close their doors permanently after a disaster. Link High puts the right precautions in place to keep you operational and moving forward in any scenario.

Protect Your Reputation


Your customers expect your technology to always be available. Link High monitors your systems around-the-clock to ensure your technology keeps running at peak performance for you and your customers.

Stay Compliant


Data loss and downtime can violate compliance and legal requirements, such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA, which can lead to significant risk and high fines. Link High fills any gaps and makes sure you maintain compliance.

Increase Customer Satisfaction


Today’s customers expect immediate response and, if you can’t deliver, they’ll move on to one of your competitors. We’ll make sure you’re always on to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Count on Link High to keep you going strong—even in the face of adversity.

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