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Protect Your Business

Link High’s penetration testing services provide a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of your organization’s existing security controls using the same tools, techniques, and attack vectors as cyber criminals.

Unlike risk and vulnerability assessments which evaluate the probability and impact of known threat actors and exploits, penetration testing provides an accurate characterization of operational security.

Why Penetration Testing?

Understanding weaknesses in your operational security is the first step to making significant improvements to your organization’s overall security posture.

To ensure consistent and comprehensive results from our penetration testing services, Link High’s certified security experts utilize ISECOM’s Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) as their testing framework.

Learn More about Penetration Testing

The testing framework is based on a 4-point process:

  • Induction Information gathering to establish truths about the target’s environment.
  • Inquest Initial investigation of target systems that respond to the analyst’s reconnaissance efforts.
  • Interaction Analyst attempts to gain additional information including exploitable weaknesses through inquires that trigger responses.
  • Intervention Manipulation of interactions with the target to understand the limits of operations while attempting to intercept information intended for the target.

Once our analysts have completed the penetration testing process, a comprehensive report of their findings along with recommendations for mitigating any deficiencies in operational security will be provided.

Contact Link High to discuss a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s existing security controls through Penetration Testing.

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