Hate your IT? It’s More Common Than You Think


Ever feel so frustrated by your IT that you just want to get rid of every computer in your office altogether? I have to tell you, as much as I love technology and what it can do, even I can feel that way sometimes. If you feel like your technology has let you down, I have a story for you.

Two years ago, a friend of mine had a swimming pool built behind his house. It had a real nice deck, a deep end, a slide for his kids, and a little sectioned-off shallow end that was heated with jets. Talk about a nice way to cool off after a long week! This pool was in constant use - his kids had pool parties, he hosted cookouts. This investment of his was bringing his family a lot of joy and happiness.

Fast forward to this summer. Apparently the ground had settled and shifted, causing a leak that not only slowly drains his pool, but has been washing out the dirt under the pool. Even worse, some of the excess water has found its way into his newly renovated basement. This is not an ideal situation.

Now the thing that used to bring my friend a lot of satisfaction is the bane of his existence. It’s a problem, and it’s causing stress and costing money.

Your business technology can work the same way. It’s designed to help you do more and keep track of more, but when things go bad, it can really be a disaster, especially if you’ve been relying on it. 

My friend now hates his pool. He regrets it. In all seriousness, I feel terrible for him. More than half of the summer went by before he was able to get the problem fixed. By the time it was fixed, the joy that his swimming pool once brought him was gone. After a particularly hot weekend, I asked him if he was glad that he got his pool fixed so he could enjoy it again. He just shrugged and said it barely crossed his mind.

I was thinking, this guy must be crazy! I would have spent the entire weekend in this swimming pool. Then I realized that I’ve seen this before. I’ve felt this.

It’s really easy to get disenchanted by something that once made you excited or brought you a lot of joy. Once it’s a burden, you can get burnt out by it.

For a lot of business owners, your technology is going to feel the same way. There’s a lot of good it can do for you, but once you’ve dealt with years of annoying issues, unexpected bills, and users reporting problems, it starts to really weigh you down.

I don’t want any of my clients to feel the same way about their business as my friend feels about his swimming pool. I want your technology to work for your business. I want it to help you make more money, not be an expense. If anyone feels burnt out or let down by their IT, please give me a call at (973) 659-1350 so I can help you love it again.

That’s all I wanted to say; there’s no pitch here, there’s no IT lesson. You don’t deserve to be constantly frustrated by your IT, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

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