3 Popular IT Trends for SMBs

With technology trending up, it’s not hard to believe that there are solutions out there that can give your business a leg up on the competition. Being a decision maker at a small or medium-sized business, it can sometimes be difficult to find technology solutions created with your business in mind. Most software developers understand that the more options their software has, the more valuable it is, but if you are a small business, enterprise software can sometimes be overkill. Let’s look at three technology trends that have small businesses in mind from the get-go.

The Cloud

One computing trend is being utilized above all others by all types of businesses from all over the world: cloud computing. The feature-rich options available in the cloud make it a perfect technology for the modern SMB.

The most prevalent of the benefits of cloud computing is that it doesn’t typically come with large capital costs. There are plenty of options where a business can get the computing that they need–outfitted competently with tools, storage, security, infrastructure, and more. By having options to get the computing resources and tools they need, and being charged monthly for them, businesses have access to affordable resources that can really help them build a better business. 

Get Smart (BI & BA)

In a trend that is more recent, SMBs are using business intelligence and business analytics to get more detailed information about their business. Using this information, decision makers can strategically alter operations to fit the needs of their consumer base, spend their marketing budgets more wisely, and obtain a better understanding of their business; and, how to strategically improve it. 

Everything Digital 

Like BI and BA, the digital transformation of a business was, up until recently, thought of as an enterprise gig. A complete digital transformation of a business that includes document management, remote work solutions, and customer-facing computing strategies. Prioritizing a single digital standard will go a long way toward cutting printing and paper costs, and promote boosts to productivity and efficiency. 

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