Link High Offers Office 365

Link High Offers Office 365 
Link High is happy to announce that it now sells Office 365.  If your business currently uses Office 365 we can switch your billing to Link High.  We initiate and implement this process and the upside for you is two-fold: your monthly rates remain unchanged and we become managers of your account.  This allows our techs to seamlessly address any service issues without you getting involved in the customer service loop.   
If you are not currently running Office 365 and would like to switch over, again there is no additional plan cost to you, just a simple one-time migration fee.  We reap the benefits in streamlining the customer service workflow.  The benefits of Office 365 include giving your team the ability to create and share documents, connect with customers, coworkers, and suppliers by bringing resources together in one cloud based location.  Contact Victor at 973-659-1350 to learn more and simplify the process.

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