5 Recent Hacks That Prove Cyber Crime Is A Real Threat To Businesses

Cyber attacks cost businesses $400 – $500 BILLION per year, not including the many attacks that go unreported

Cyber security statistics tell a very sobering tale.  Cyber attacks increased over 38% from 2014 to 2015.  The theft of intellectual property rose 56%.  169 million personal records of U.S. citizens were compromised last year.  Every year, cyber attacks cost companies billions with the numbers rising.  If those statistics aren’t enough to get you thinking seriously about protecting your company from cyber crime, here are 5 recent instances of businesses getting hacked:

1. Ransomware Makes A Los Angeles Hospital Pay $17,000

Just a month ago, an assault on Hollywood Presbyterian put the hospital at a complete standstill.  The hacker seized control of the hospital’s computer system demanding 40 bitcoin, the equivalent of $17,000 via Ransomware.  Malware locks systems by encrypting files and demanding ransom to obtain the decryption key.  Often, the only option is to pay the ransom in full and unlock the system.  In the case of Hollywood Presbyterian, they paid the ransom in order to restore operations as quickly as possible.  Even after paying the ransom, technology experts were needed to restore the systems fully.

2. Tech Company In Delaware Hit By Phishing Attack

SevOne recently became the victim of a hack that put current AND former employees at the risk of identity fraud.  W-2 wage and tax data was sent to an unauthorized recipient outside the company as a result of a phishing incident.  Sensitive data is believed to have included social security numbers, addresses, dates of birth and other information making identity fraud possible.  In order to protect its employees, the company is providing tow years of free credit monitoring services to any potential victims to help protect them after the unauthorized disclosure of information.

3. Ransomware Hits Small Township In Upstate New York

Recently an employee of the town of Manlius, New York noticed that her computer seemed to be accessed remotely.  It turned out to be a Ransomware virus launching from Crimea, Russia beginning an attack on the computer.  Lucky for this town, they noticed the signs immediately and contacted their IT provider who was able to twhart the attack without having to pay out a hefty ransom.  If the township hadn’t been working closely with trained IT professionals, they may have had to pay a hefty fine.

4. Multiple Attacks On Higher Education Institutions In New Jersey Including Rutgers, Fairleigh Dickinson

Last year, Rutgers was crippled by hackers who broke into the University’s network.  After the fact, Rutgers hired 3 cyber security firms to help protect the school from future hacking attacks.  Rutgers wasn’t the only higher education institution under attack last year.  Fairleigh Dickinson University was also the victim of a cyber attack last year that caused internet access and website inaccessibility on its New Jersey campuses.

5. Dairy Queen Hacked, Customer Information Stolen

Back in 2014, hackers broke into Dairy Queen’s computer system and stole customer credit card information.   The security breach impacted nearly 400 Dairy Queen stores across the country, including locations in New Jersey.  The restaurant malware by the name of Backoff is to blame through a third-party vendor’s compromised account vendors.

How To Stay Protected

The bad news:  Cyber security threats are now more prevalent, and more serious, than ever. There is some good news, though: There are ways to ensure that your business, large or small, stays protected.

  • Train Your Employees – Make sure all of your employees are trained on safe online behavior.  This includes making sure they are educated about ransomware and phishing emails and staying vigilant about what they’re clicking on.
  • Work With a Cyber Security Expert– Work with a trusted advisor when it comes to your network security.  Don’t leave this issue in the hands of anyone who is not specifically trained to handle cybersecurity.  It’s vital to ensure you have vulnerability testing and monitoring measures in place.
  • Never Think “It won’t happen to me!” –  Open any business publication and you’re sure to find a story about cyber security, often front and center.  This is because the threat is increasing, and because often businesses think it won’t happen to them.


Contact Link High To Make Sure Your Business Is Protected From Cyber Crime

You wouldn’t drive your car without insurance, so why would you leave your business vulnerable in an age where cyber crime runs rampant?  Now is a great time to start thinking realistically about putting a solid cyber security plan in place for your business.  Link High specializes in working with companies to keep them safe from cyber attacks.  We provide vulnerability testing and assessment, as well as security implementation and monitoring.  Remember, no business is too small for cyber attacks.

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